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Peoples' Choice Prize
Richard Toth
This video is about a guy who wants to take a girls heart. He wants to kiss the girl in the tram station but he doesn't succeed. As he walking to home he imagine what could happen, and he became a hero who saves the girl. The street painter and the head of the mobsters is the same guy in the end and he doesn't understand how connecting his imagination to the reality.
Behind the scenes...
This video was created by a small hungarian crew, the Main Ones. We worked with a low budget 60$. This is our first video competition and it is a good opportunity for our development. We tried to give our best in every part of the shooting, like sounds, music, lights. We feel like we reached in the video that we planned before. Hope you guys will enjoy our product Crew Members: Director - Richard Toth B. Cameraman/Technical background - Balazs Simon Sound design - Gabor Kerekes Lights

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