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USB to 12V DC Power Cable

View our DC-USB1 video playlist
View our DC-USB1 video playlist
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Features and Specifications of the DC-USB1, SC9, HJA-4, and XLR-ID

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The DC-USB1 is a power cable that allows the RØDECaster Pro to be powered from any compatible USB output, making it entirely portable. It features a locking connector for added security. A high-power (2.4A minimum) USB output is required for operation. For best results, we recommend using a USB power bank with USB Power Delivery (PD).

*USB device/power bank not included.

DC-USB1 Specifications
DC-USB1 Specifications
Power Requirements

5V/2.4A (USB)

12V/1A (DC)


1 Year

View our DC-USB1 video playlist
View our DC-USB1 video playlist
DC-USB1 Support

If you have a question or a support enquiry about the DC-USB1 head over to our contact page to get in touch or locate your local distributor here

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