RØDE Records Behind The Scenes On "Genesis With The Panasonic GH3

The Panasonic GH2 is a bit of an underdog hero in the DSLR community. Its relatively compact form factor belies its impressive visual capabilities, and paired with a RØDE VideoMic it makes an enviable filmmaking package. So there’s little surprise that the release of its successor, the GH3, is generating a great deal of attention. Australian filmmaker (and member of the extended RØDE family) Mick Jones was chosen as part of an all-star team including Philip Bloom, Bruce Logan ASC and Elliot Rosenblatt to write, direct and produce a short film with the new Panasonic camera ahead of its release this month at Photokina. Mick’s role on the set was to document the process of putting the GH3 through its paces on a typical film shoot with a full crew in a rigorous production environment. “The production was filmed over a three day period with both day time and night time shoots which made for long days.” he commented. “The nature of the shoot meant that I had to be ever present, but not get in the way. This meant choosing the right kit to keep me mobile and able to work quickly to set up shots.”

“As I had no dedicated sound recordist it was necessary to capture all ambient sound and interviews myself. The choice here was the RØDE VideoMic Pro, mounted on the top shoe of the camera for the entire shoot. I also had the DeadCat wind sock on there as we were shooting outdoors in breezy situations and I needed usable audio from these shots. As well as the wind sock I used the 80Hz high pass filter on the mic, which is very handy to reduce the buffeting wind sound. Sometimes the goal was just to capture atmos of the crew working and of the location such as the car speeding off but all of the interviews were done using the VideoMic Pro as well. I made sure I got close enough to the talent to get a good clean audio signal that was at a high enough level over the background noise. I knocked it down 10db on the mic due to the sensitivity of the camera and the result was great for this production. I found the mic to be great for this run and gun behind the scenes style of shooting.”