The Hives rock custom chrome M1 mics during recent tour

Few bands in the world can hold a stage and dazzle a crowd quite like The Hives, and on their recent Australian tour they showed that they have no intentions of letting go of their envied reputation as they powered through a mix of their most popular tracks and some from their forthcoming release. Looking dapper as always, the band sported top hats and tails that paired perfectly with their custom chrome RØDE M1 live dynamic microphones created by RØDE exclusively for The Hives on their request. Front-man Pelle proved the M1's rock 'n' roll credentials several times throughout the Sydney show, swinging it wildly about the stage without once skipping a beat. The band rocked RØDE all-round during their tour, with NT2-A large diaphragm condensers on guitar cabinets, Procaster on Dr Matt's bass, NT55 small diaphragm condensers for cymbals and the M3 small diaphragm condenser on toms, in addition to the M1 on vocals.

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