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Hannah Stanfield's imagination distracts her from running, imagining a world made of paper.
Hannah has gotten a new coach, Jack Wilmot, replacing Jenny Murdoch who has now retired. Jack does not work with Hannah's imagination, unlike Jenny who used Hannah's imagination to help her sprint at her fastest.
We join Hannah and Jack the day before the races qualifying young runners for nationals, Jack and Hannah are both losing their patience with one another, leaving tensions high for tomorrow's race.

Behind the scenes of Tearaway

'Tearaway' is a student made short film, gathering 30 students from three different societies, University of Sussex and Sussex Downs College together to learn techniques and create a short film all around deadline dates.

Everyone was split up into teams that worked on each element of the film, Production Management, Props and Art Direction, Behind The Scenes, On Set and Animation.

Camera used was the Sony a7s along with a variety of second hand vintage lenses and a Filmcity rig and follow focus. Audio equipment included the RØDE NTG-2, Lavalier, Boompole, DeadWombat, Blimp and Zoom H4N.

For drone shots, we were joined by my cousin's company, 'Double X Air', who used a Panasonic GH3 (with 12mm lens).

Animation was done using reference shots, which were edited in Adobe After Effects, projected, stop frame animated and colour graded.

Locations that were shot, included the changing room at University of Sussex Sport Centre, Lewes Leisure Centre running track and a bedroom.

Cinematography played subtle but important roles, especially in the argument scene, the actors will cross each side of the frame, depending on whether they are listening to each other's words, making remarks that are strongly effecting the other or display who is in control at what point during the argument.

Throughout the entire filming process, both actors never met each other since they could never make the same day, using stand in actors for wide and out of focus shots to make it seem as though they were actually together.

The past few months were manic, but amazingly everything has seemed to come together!

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