Capital B

Yan Lotoshinsky

They finally found me.  So who are they?  CIA, Mossad, MI6 or the Italians???  Whoever they are, they were certainly waiting for me in the darkness of my room.

Behind the scenes of Capital B

I used Videomic for recording only one life phrase CapitalB and Procaster for recording the main hero voice in studio. But I've got a really great experience when I've recorded guitar for soundtrack. I`ve used many different microphones for guitar amp miking just the same ones that everyone use but this time I had an experiment. Rode Procaster showed itself as a warm sounded microphone with rich lows. I got a new sound from my Marshall with the Rode Procaster I`ve never heard before. I`ve got only one camera and everything that i film I film with BMPCC. All lenses I mount to camera with forays adapter. But I have some changes with focal length of them. My Zenitar 16  millimeters became 50 millmeters Vivitar 28 to 90 mm became 80 to 260. I use Final Cut Pro X with couple plug-ins by Pixel films studio for editing video and Logic Pro X for audio.

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