You Are Here

Brett Lee

Life will always be busy, noisy, and overwhelming. Take the time to be present. Let go of the past. Stop stressing about the future. You are now. You Are Here.

Behind the scenes of You Are Here

This was shot over the course of a few late afternoons in "The Loop," downtown Chicago. The dramatic lighting, so late in the day, was perfect for shooting the film. I chose to record audio after I had edited the film so I would know exactly what city sounds I needed to capture. That way I could capture specific sounds, rather than a mess of busy street noise. I went back out with my RODE Videomic Pro, hooked up to my Zoom H4n recorder and captured buses, trains, fountains, busy intersections, etc. I chose to mix together a consistent track of city noise that would tie all of the scenes together, while a few bigger city sounds would punctuate specific moments.

Featured entries

Nikita Emtsov / Another Sky Productions
Bradley Stevens