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eXposure is a non-profit program that provides college students with insight & exposure to the multimedia industry. Striving to bring forth early career opportunities to Historically Black Colleges and Universities eXposure creates that hands on face to face approach that the media industry is based on. This is there story. It's only the beginning. Exposure Media Project DC

Behind the scenes of eXposure

eXposure was shot with a Nikon D7000 & D800. The in the studio green screen (Gearshift,tv) portion are the D800 shots. I used a videomic RODE mic for the audio. I have had this mic for about 2 years now and it has brought me much use, although I believe it has come time for some new audio equipment due to the fact that my mic is now missing a shu and I have transitioned to more interview based shooting where lavs may come of better use. This project has been a thrill to work on and I know that without RODE mics I would be silent.

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