Reckon Inc.

Flip Flop Productions

Submission for the My Rode Reel film contest.

Detective Trager's daughter is murdered, and her killer is being released on a technicality. He has two options: Seek revenge for himself or turn to Reckon, Inc. to avenge her death for him. But there's a catch....

This scene is the meeting between Detective Trager and Reckon Inc.'s associate, "Ms. Black."

Behind the scenes of Reckon Inc.

We shot this in about a half a day. We used a car windshield sun reflector as a bounce card, our camera slide rail was constructed out of junction boxes and conduit, and as our BTS states, the boom pole was made out of PVC pipe. We did what we could with what we had... and we made it work. I'm proud of our team and what we accomplished.

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