Too Many Jump Scares for One Movie

Ryan Chester

When two friends are free to spend the night alone at their grandmother's house, one of them decides to watch a scary movie. That's never a good idea, especially in this spoof of nonsensical horror film cliches.

Behind the scenes of Too Many Jump Scares for One Movie

I shot this film at my grandparents' house on a Friday night from 9pm till 1:30 in the morning. I filmed it with a Canon 70D and the 18-135mm STM lens, and we used the RODE NTG-3 in the blimp for dialogue capture. I lit the scenes with a variety of LED lights, work lights, and clamp lights to produce a very shadowy look. For the moving shots, I either used my PVC pipe dolly tracks or got pushed in a wheelchair while holding the camera on a homemade stabilizer.

I edited the film with Sony Vegas, composed the soundtrack with Ableton Live, and completed the visual effects with Adobe After Effects (screen replacement, equipment removal, and color grading). I also used the NTG-3 to record various sound effects for the film.

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