CatsEye Tuckamore

Produced by Cecil Johnson and Cody Westman. Written and Directed by Cody Westman. Director of Photography/Editor - Cecil Johnson. CAST: Ross Moore - Jay, George Robertson - Boss, Angelo Schiavone - kid on bike, Jeremy Rivando - man on phone. Filmed by Cecil Johnson and Troy Maher. Gaffer and locations sound - Thomas Kelly. Foley - Cecil Johnson, Cody Westman, Beau Baker. Music by Chris Haigh, Pro Scores - Videocopilot. Production support by NIFCO. This production was made with the generous support of the ACTRA Newfoundland branch. #MyRodeReel

Behind the scenes of Deadline

Behind the scenes of the ultra short film DEADLINE for the 2015 My Rode Reel film competition. BTS shot by Cody Westman and Troy Maher. Produced by Cody Westman and Cecil Johnson. Full film at:

Featured entries

Vitaly Zolotarev
Braxton Wilhelmsen
Eric Romero / Dust