Dave Altizer

A radio with mysterious powers...
Directed by: Ben Worley and Dave Altizer
Written by: Ben Worley
Produced by: Caroline Worley
Director of Photography: Dave Altizer
Gaffer: Hayden Mason
Production Assistant: Stephen Gage
BTS B Roll shooter: Derek Couts
Editor/ Coloris/ VFX: Dave Altizer
Sound/ Music: Ben Worley

Behind the scenes of FREQUENCY

The film "FREQUENCY" was shot in Franklin, TN (USA). About a week of pre production and one day of shooting. Dave Altizer and Ben Worley have done two other films together in the past and have a great working relationship. The film was shot on the Digital Bolex D16 camera using the newly released Kish primes. The Kish lenses are a constant F4 and come in a 10mm, 18mm, and 38mm. The sharpness of the lenses are superb as well as their color rendition.

The camera recorded zero audio, so all of the audio in the film was added in post. Ben Worley designed the audio in Logic Pro and used the NTG-3 to record any foley that was needed.

A kessler cineslider was used for shots that called for dolly movements. The gaffer, Hayden Mason, and Director of Photography, Dave Altizer, used a combination of available lighting and some random lighting that was provided by Hayden.

To achieve the "film look" first the D16 footage was taken into DaVinci Resolve where the gamma was set to BMD Film. Exposure and white balance were adjusted and then the clips were exported to ProRes 4444 to be edited in FCPX. The film was cut in FCPX and colored in it as well using Color Finale, as well as film convert very subtly.

There were some minor VFX that were done in After Effects.

BTS was shot on a collection of cameras: Canon t3i, t5i, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and iPhone 6.

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