My RØDE Reel 2015
Judges' Film



This film is about perception and understanding that everything is perfect always, maybe it's just you looking at it wrong. You can't control your surroundings, but you can control the way you see them. Gift dances to the sounds of his fears, he makes a rhythm out of them and creates something beautiful with his movement.

Behind the scenes of Gift

The BTS team were a part of the crew and came to every location with the crew. Khayelitsha, train stations and the city of Cape Town. Interviews were done in the recording studio. The focus was on telling a story of someone who is oppressed and surrounded by poverty, which to the the world seems hopeless, yet Gift understands he has the ability to see his world differently through what he sees and what he hears. Thus sound and visuals are equally weighted as the one amplifies the other. The film is a poetic story of a day in the life of Gift shot in a fairytale-type light of how he turns his experiences into something beautiful. A video mic zoom h4m eternal sound recorder was to capture organic sounds to amplify the organic reality of his environment.

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