The Boom Warrior

Angle3 Pictures
The Boom Warrior is given the task of tracking down the “missing actor” before the crew loses light...until she encounters the interference ninjas.

Behind the scenes of The Boom Warrior

The Boom Warrior was in pre-production for over two months. During that time the script was revised five times and storyboarded by the pre-production team. Costumes were designed and made by our art director and costume designer, Nichelle Phillips.

We shot the film over 2 days with a small crew and cast in a forest on Mount Wellington, Auckland. Filming was captured on the Canon C100 and the audio was recorded by Joey Siasoco with the RODE NTG-2, RODE blimp, RODE filmmaker kit, RODE boom pole and Zoom H6. Additional audio gear were the Tascam 70D, RODE blimp and dead wombat, RODE filmmaker kit and RODE boom pole that were used as props on set.

In post-production, the short film was edited on Adobe Premiere Pro by Daryl J Wong, and Nick Garrett composed the soundtrack.

Special thanks to Chillbox Creative and Benjamin Teh for lending us their gear.

RØDE gear used

Micro Boompole
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

Angle3 Pictures

Jenny Chen - Writer/Director/Actor (The Boom Warrior)

Benjamin Teh - Acting Interference Ninja Po #1

Mayen Mehta - Acting Interference Ninja Tenjal #2

Melissa Williams - Acting Producer

Carl Drake - Acting Director

Braedon Bryers - Acting DOP

Ryan Fisher - Acting Art Director

Jason Wu - Acting Actor & Running Ninja #1

Hweiling Ow - Running Ninja #2

Léah McVeagh - Real Producer

Daryl J Wong - Real DOP

Joey Siasoco - Real Boom Warrior

Hweiling Ow - Real On Set Production Manager & Behind the Scenes

Nichelle Phillips - Real Art Director

Jordan Yee - Real Ninja & Fight Cheorographer

Ryan Wong - On Set Behind the Scenes

Nick Garrett - Music Composer