OpenGate Films
Genre: action drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro

More Information:

This mysterious Protagonist first appears jogging on a treadmill as he tells a story of his neighborhood and what's expected. He decides to follow a route that would impact his life, but it isn't what it all seems to be and everything changes all due to a past memory that was always on the back of his mind.

OpenGate Films

Nelson Faulds

Sound Recordist

Jeidah Westgate

Creative Crew

Braiden WIlliamson

Creative Crew

In the Behind the Scenes for Night Calling (Short Film) it provides a look into the making of the film and the use of the Rode Video Mic Pro on top of the GH4 DSLR being used.
- You can see setting up shots, Sliders, Shoulder rigs were used to capture most shots to be able to provide a straightforward story and also the surroundings on location inside a residential home and outside.
- Also, snippets of audio manipulation and music design included as well as a look at how we made the narration for the Protagonist.

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