Mackie Mallison
Genre: documentary

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"The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible." 18-year-old artist and activist Ameya Marie fights for change through creating pieces that address topics such as police brutality, school shootings and misrepresentation of people of color in the media.

Mackie Mallison

Mackie Mallison


For the film "AM☰YA," we wanted to capture the essence of the subject as best as possible. In the production process we used the Rode NTG3 and Rode boompole to capture organic sounds that accurately represent the life of the subject, Ameya Marie Okamoto. Okamoto was raised in the busy hustle of New York City and now is living in Portland, Oregon. In order to best represent the life of Okamoto, both locations were utilized in the production of this film.

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