Verdict (My RODE Reel Film 2018)

Waiting Room Productions
Genre: action drama

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

A man comes to reclaim what is his after it was taken from him causing him to question who has the right to enact justice when the system has collapsed.

Waiting Room Productions

Brandon Leyva-Lopez

Sound Design

Marlowe Lewis-Mahon

Score Composer
Sound Recordist

Yaxiara McNear-Echeverria

Costume Designer

Alexander Leto

Production Assistant
BTS Camera Operator

Dyllan Ellis

Production Assistant
BTS Camera Operator

Equipment Used:
RODE videomicro - Used to capture foley sound heard in the film
LG G6 Smartphone - Used to capture the footage used in film
Tripod with smartphone mount - Stabilized phone while recording
Motorola Digital Voice Recorder - Used to store audio data
Panasonic LUMIX G7 - BTS camera
Yeti Snowball Mic - To record BTS commentary track
2018 iMac

Budget: $40
Budget Spent: $34.96

Script: 1 night to write
Filming: 4 Hours
Foley Recording: 4 Hours
Editing: 14 Hours including BTS Film

Foley heard in the film was all ADR

Grand Avenue Park - Chino Hills, CA

Film edited on Adobe Premiere Pro

BTS Film edited on Avid Media Composer

Watch the Behind The Scenes: