Film Learnin

My RØDE Reel 2019 - Hammer Time!

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

I produce a weekly tutorial series called Film Learnin, something that always takes up the bulk of my spare time often leaving me little room each year for my rode reel entry - This year I decided to roll them into each other an make a short that I can make a tutorial on, thus Hammer Time was born!

The short took 2 days to film and development of the digital hammer effects took around 1 week. A huge thanks to my friends Dan "The blast" for providing me with the Thor hammer sounds and to Crimson Renz who helped re-texture the free Mjolnir I found online.

All shot on the Film Learnin studio with my Panasonic GH4, my trusty Rode Video Micro, and ADR done with my Rode NT-USB mic.

RØDE Gear Used:

Micro Boompole Pro