Matias Furer

Monarch My Rode Feel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

the location of the video is in Bardstown kentucky a town an hour from Louisville, the first days I was more interested in helping to collect garden caterpillars than in filming, but after a few days I realized that making a video could help Then they show it in the schools in the area to make people aware, the first thing that was filmed was the b'roll like butterflies, the garden etc, and once everything was finished I did the interview the one we had to repeat several times due to the barking of dogs in the background, once the interview was done I realized that I was attaching metamorphic material so I decided to do the time lapse which took me a long time and 1 day before I got the shot, the video was edited when I went back to Argentina since there I did not have the necessary time, without hesitation 2 times I used the microphone mic rode pro since to go abroad in the smallest option quality size, as camera use the canon 80d for the interview since in my opinion g I found better audio than with the surround that my other camera was using, so I used it for all the other shots including the time lapse from cocoon to butterfly because the camera has the option of being able to plug it in while it is on and thus be able to leave it allthe night running taking a picture every 3 seconds

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro