Aaron Maagma

My RØDE Reel 2019 - Master Plan

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

In this short film, we shot in two locations: a meeting room and a harbor. There were some challenges shooting in a harbor; one being the strong wind and also it is a public place so there are many chatterings heard in the background.

We've been using the Rode Video Mic Pro+ since its release and it is the best run and gone microphone solution because of how compact it is and because of the newly added safety channel feature. To reduce the wind noise, we simply used the Rode deadcat for the VMP+, and then we mounted it on a selfie stick in order to have it as close as possible to the actors. This minimized the background noise that would be very distracting if left unaddressed.

We traveled to our next location, which is a small meeting room. We draped shirts and jackets all over the place in order to eliminate the echo. The Video Mic Pro + was mounted to a table tripod to have it, again, as close as possible to the actors.

RØDE Gear Used:

DeadCat VMP+
VideoMic Pro+