Cian Hamilton

My Rode Reel 2019 // Midnight Storm

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Because I didn't have any budget for this video, I wrote, directed, filmed, starred in, edited, coloured, recorded sound, etc. all by myself. For this reason I don't have much BTS so apologies for that.

As sound is such a major part of this video I wanted to get the most crisp audio to engage the viewer fully. I bought my Rode Video Micro just over a year ago and I use it for all my audio recording. This film was no exception. Almost all the audio you hear in my film is recorded using my Rode Video Micro and Zoom H1. I'm always amazing at how crisp the audio sounds on such an affordable mic.

Hot Tip: Climb under a duvet cover, get really close to your mic and it can sound like you're in a recording studio.

I shot everything on the Sony A6500 with the Helios 58mm f2 and the Samyang 24mm T1.5. I also used a cheep tripod from Amazon. You can do a lot with a little if you just get creative with it. :)

RØDE Gear Used: