Brown Brothers Productions

Stay - A Short Film

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We shot the film in beautiful Vancouver Canada with the support of Kitsilano Secondary School (High School of Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds)

For the film, we used RODE NT-USB, to record the song as well as some of the SFX used in the film such as the crying.

The film was fully shot on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with the help of the EVO Gimbals Shift 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal by Ethan Jones.

The film was edited by Yousef Al-Waeli on Macbook Pro using Adobe Premiere Pro, the colouring used in the film was done by masking the subject and then keyframing shot by shot, at first this process took about an hour per second of footage but by the end, Yousef was able to bring it down to about 45 minutes per second of footage.

Pre-Production on the film began Mid-April and lasted through the beginning of May, Shooting the film only took us a day to finish then Post-Production lasted from the beginning of May all the way through Mid-July with Yousef Al-Waeli tirelessly editing the film whenever he wasn't at school or working.

RØDE Gear Used: