Robbins Productions


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The short film went from conception, to a rough cut within 4 days as part of a student led school film club run by Cameron Robbins (Year 12) and Cameron Fox (Year 11).

Day 1:

The team split off into groups and brainstormed different ideas. They then voted on their favourite idea, and soon after began story-boarding. After this, roles were assigned to each member of the group.

Day 2:

The team split in half to dress the set, with one group creating props and the others setting up the table and lights. Soon after, shooting began. The master shot of the film was completed that day.

Day 3:

Once filming of the cut-away shots had been completed, foley recording began while others worked on the first edit.

Day 4:

On the final day of production the last foley sounds were recorded and a rough but functional cut was completed.


Camera: JVC GY-LS300

Microphone: RØDE NTG-3, RØDE Procaster

Lenses: Samyang 35mm T1.5, Samyang 14mm T3.1

Lights: Neewer generic bi colour, Aputure AL-F7

RØDE Gear Used: