MITOKINO Productions

PLAN B - My Rode Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

A lot of effort went to every frame with only about 2 weeks of planning, 1 day of filming, and another week of editing. We wanted to use fast cars in order to add more excitement to the overall film. In addition, we spent a lot of time with Sound Design to immerse the viewer and make them feel as if they are also a part of the action.
Scouting was also a key part in filming this action sequence and we wanted to make sure that the roads we used are completely empty. This gives us the ability to do certain stunts without putting the general public in danger.
Everything was shot on a shoulder rig/handheld since the camera shake added more authenticity to the action.
All of the dialogue and sound effects was recorded with the SmartLAV+. Using this piece of audio equipment, it made it easy for us to record everything on the fly and gave us the flexibility to capture/record everything we needed.

RØDE Gear Used: