Jack Beattie Productions

'Storm' - 2019 My RØDE Reel Horror/Thriller Short

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The horror short 'Storm' was filmed at my house in 2019. We were a 3 crew team that consisted of myself for most of the production work, my girlfriend Alayna, who portrayed the figure in the film and helped out with the production and our actress Kathleen who plays the protagonist in the film.

The Rode products used for the film were the Rode Videomic and the Rodelink Filmmaker Kit. A lot of the films audio was foley, which was synced in to the edit at a later time.

A lot of the lighting and visual effects in the film took a lot of planning to coordinate and we had to do many takes to ensure we had the footage we needed to make the film.

RØDE Gear Used:

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit