Charles Mwaniki

Revenge of the Murdered

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The trailer, initially meant to be a pilot before I shortened it, is shot on Canon C100,canon xc15 and sony z7 but due to copying the it's quality may be degraded. The locations basically are within my former Institute, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, the casts too are my former classmates. I had a no Budget for the Pilot which probably the film would have been longer and more enlightening, so I chopped it down to a manageable length. I used the Rode TX belt & RX cam for longer distances the improvised NTG2 short gun boom couldn't reach. The boom collected natural sounds. The tripod was manfrotto and ARRI studio lights. For some scenes which may not be included here I used green screen. Since I lacked funding having a couple of cameras at some sets was a challenge.

RØDE Gear Used: