Strange World Studios

Don't Worry Be H(app)y | MY RØDE REEL 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The Short film was shot with a Canon C100, and most of the audio was captured with either the NTG-2 or the smartLav+ that was connected to a ZOOM recorder. ADR was done with a PROCASTER.

In terms of the writing, as an Australian with immigrant parents, I found it hard to find characters who looked similar to me, who weren't portrayed in a stereotypical manner. I chose to cast a brown female lead, simply because we don't see enough of them.

My favourite part of the production was coming up with the 'UPLOAD" state, where the restaurant lighting was was transformed to an all red and black pallet. My plan was to do this all in camera. Working closely with my DoP Acauã, we initially planned to get red globes and replace the restaurants fixtures. But that would've added about an hour to our setup time. So instead we placed a red gel in front of the lens for the majority of the scene, and used gels and cutters to ease in the red lighting for the transitions at the beginning and end. Coming up with tricks like these is so much fun!

I think the most important part of producing great stories is the trust you put in your team. The group I worked with were handpicked from different sets that I've worked on, and usually they are people I've genuinely enjoyed working with. This led to a set that was fun and collaborative, efficient and timely and was one with almost no stress. Almost.

RØDE Gear Used: