Cody Kaylor


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We shot this with an Ursa Mini 4k (1st Edition Non Pro) EF mount and Rokinon lenses. We only used 3 lights plus the practice light (flashlight and lamp after the hallway lights go out). We recorded sound with the Rode H4n and Rode Wireless Go. In post I used the h4n and the NTG2 to get better sounds with no interference. It took us 5 hours to film it. Nate and I have a good setup because we film with each other often. Nate and I would setup the shots while Brooke filmed some footage on her phone for the BTS. It took me a little longer this time in post to edit because this is my first time attempting VFX so I had to learn the layout of After Effects. There's nothing better than the cycle of filmmaking. WRITE.SHOOT.EDIT.REPEAT.

RØDE Gear Used:

Wireless GO