Victor Paul

DON'T - My Rode Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The way we shot this short was mostly static, but because I don't have a fluid head tripod, I used the steady cam just to add more weight to the camera and than shot it handeald.
I also had everything storyboarded knowing the space i was gonna shoot in, and that really helped us speed up the process, as I knew exactly what and how I wanted to film. For example, I knew I could not achive a dolly zoom because i don't have acces to a dolly or a smooth zoom lens, but I still wanted to create that effect where the walls close in on George. So what I did instead of that, was that I just placed the camera further away and zoomed back in. It's not as obvious as a proper dolly zoom, but it gets the job done (swort of).

RØDE Gear Used: