Ee Shane Lim / Lim Family

Travel Gold Coast with the Lims!

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Today I will be giving you a little insight into the creation of my gold coast travelogue!
So, about a week prior to the trip, I started watching a lot of youtube videos created by my favourite filmmakers and travel influencers, taking down notes of the different techniques they used.
I drew up a little storyboard-like thing as I liked having a bit of structure prior to the trip but also not too regimented, allowing for creative juices to kick in on the spot.
I brought along my trusty Sony Alpha NEX-5N, a usb cable, sd cards, camera bag and my OPPO AX5 phone for spontaneous photography and contacting my parents in the event of me getting lost from being too engrossed in filming.
Back home, I used a Rode VideoMic Pro and a ZOOM H5 handy recorder to record audio.
After gathering all the clips and audio, I headed back to youtube, and this time my aim was to find an upbeat, punchy and a background music that channelled summery vibes.
I edited both main video and the behind the scenes video using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro