SoundBuds Recording


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The creation of "Otto" itself was a core part of pre-production. Using sketches from the director, the prop was modeled and 3D printed by props master Nathan DeLuca. It was then rigged with a small lighting set-up to really cement the near-future aesthetic.

With a single production day, things moved insanely fast, with everyone pulling their weight in producer Sheldon Hachey's high rise apartment. Sheldon also provided production sound, using a Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic to capture the day's audio in addition to a Sennheiser G3 and cos-11 lavalier. Make-up artist Taylor Dockrill feverishly worked away on actor Christian Dalton's tired look and burn wound, while director Burton Howell and DOP Tim Mombourquette blocked out many of the day's inserts and shot day for night when applicable. Shooting on a borrowed A7Sii.

Climaxing with a crushing fan, a crescendo of violence, and a trickling trail of fake blood provided a number of obstacles on set, but the story was brought to its conclusion, and Michael Wohlfahrt captured all the BTS you see here!

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro