Robert Murphy


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The idea all started in June when I got my first GoPro for work. I needed to learn how to use it and we had a new Great Dane puppy who was being socialized at the local off-leash dog park. The concept of doing a vlog developed naturally and so I purchased a GoPro “Fetch” dog harness to do it through Daisy’s eyes. My daughter and I made it our project together. The first few days of shooting were a struggle because I was still learning how to get the settings right on the camera. All the footage kept appearing as 4:2. After some help from my daughter, I was finally able to capture footage at the correct aspect ratio. We convinced the 12-year old Dorkie (Ms. Fancy) to sit in on the opening shot. My daughter, Julie, then took to editing and created various versions and stories. She used a simple lav and the Rode Reporter App to create the ADR. After choosing the story line we liked best, we had her brother Michael, an award-winning musician who was visiting from Germany, create a quick and simple soundtrack with his Marimba. Mom helped with the lighting. It was a family affair. We recorded the sound with a Rode Video Mic. With the sound complete, we went into editing one last time to match and make any last minute changes.

RØDE Gear Used: