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My Rode Reel 2019 Submission

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

There's no dialogue or sound design in "Keeping Up With The Joneses," but the Rode gear is still the star of the show.. In fact, Rode is present throughout the *entire* video — because we used the NT1 condenser microphone to record acoustic guitars and vocals, the bedrock of the song. Jeremy recorded and mixed it at the house. For the film, we used a combination of techniques to get different shots, from stabilizers to tripods (for whip pans etc.) to handheld to hanging out the back of the car. We were extremely lucky to have people donate time, props, gear etc. to get this done VERY affordably. Jeremy edited and graded everything in Davinci Resolve. We were initially worried working with kids would add a lot more time to the shoot, but they were incredibly professional and totally nailed it. The empty room for the performance shots was only empty because it sprung a leak in the ceiling a few days before our shoot. We had to move all the music gear out, serving as an ironic twist on the message of the song (spent all that time making a cool music room only to be foiled by an upstairs toilet). It made for a more hectic shooting environment but, lemons into lemonade, we used the room to set dress the piggy bank scene and shoot that fun performance setup. (Don't worry, the girl's dad swung the hammer, not her). It's amazing that we were able to make the entirety of this video within a 50-yard radius of where we sleep at night.

RØDE Gear Used: