Ranjith Karkala

"The Choice" Short Film | My Rode Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Shot this short film with Sony A6300 paired with 10-18 & 16-50mm lens.
Audio was recorded with RODE NTG-2 paired with Zoom H1 Recorder.
For the POV Shot we used a bike helmet rig mounting the camera on fluid tripod head with 10-18mm lens.
All other shots were filmed in basic sony 16-50mm kit lens. Mostly using auto focus function helped us a lot.
Took 3 days to shoot the entire film.
Voice over recording was done with RODE SC6-L mobile interview kit.
The outdoor scene was bit challenging as weather here was raining, so we got little sunshine in which we had to shoot.
Aeroplane scene was shot in a bus because we were tight on shooting schedule and there was no access to plane.
Overall the shooting was fun.

RØDE Gear Used:

SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit