Jonny Goddard

My Rode Reel 2019 - The Trailer Is The Movie - 'Space Is Limited'

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Shot on location in the village of Geldeston, UK, Space is Limited, tells the story of an orphaned girl, Hope, who lives in a world where space travel has become commonplace, but only for a select few. Focusing on an unlikely friendship between Hope and her neighbour Harrison, Hope's dream of reaching the stars edge closer to becoming a reality.

The film was shot over a period of 12 hours and unfortunately, the eventual length prohibited us from entering the main Rode categories, until the 'Trailer is the Movie' category was added... giving us a shot at producing a trailer.

We tried to approach the story very simply, very much from the perspective of our central protagonist, Hope. As such, many of the angles are low and in some cases tight in.

For sound, we used a Rode NTG3 shotgun, with a Rode Blimp for the majority of the shoot and a Rode boom pole. Sound was recorded to an external Zoom and synced in post.

We shot on a Sony 7s Mk II, with the sLog3 and sGammut3 profile, straight into an Atmos Ninja Flame. A few pickups were completed with the same colour profile on a Sony A6300. In post, we used the Adobe Creative Suite for much of the composition work and editing.

RØDE Gear Used:

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