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My Rode Reel Forsaken

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

As David Lynch once said, "Films are 50% visuals and 50% sound. Sound sometimes even overlays the visual." Therefore, in this ‘behind the scenes’ video, we tried to give some pointers on the importance of capturing sound. This included on-set sound mixing using the Boom Microphone, and even post-production sound design, such as Foley Effects. The locations varied from an open-air garden to a busy cafeteria and a quiet house, thus creating a variety of mixture and texture of sounds. Lighting was also crucial in this short film as one needed to set the type of mood in which we needed to film, especially in the house scenes, and also to turn the darkness of the night into day time in the kitchen scene. As one can notice in the short film, there are some POVs (Point of View), handheld shots which were important to give a contrast between what was being seen through the Teddy bear's eyes to what was actually going on. Lastly, a small but important hidden message was used. Since the director, Vanessa Vella, loved to make use of some semiotics, she placed a yellow bird in a cage in the kitchen scene, which hinted that the man is trapped in his own imagination.

RØDE Gear Used:

Boompole Pro