Pat McDonagh


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

I fancied learning how to shoot a split screen film - an idea popped into my head from nowhere, so I quickly wrote it down. I didn't have any actors handy so I thought I'd play both characters myself.
I thought our kitchen could work for a scene vaguely set at a party, so I grabbed my camera, a Canon 80D, and sound gear, a Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro for general atmos, and a Rode SmartLav+, which I plugged into myiPhone, then set the recording levels on the Rode app on the phone.
I quickly set up my main camera, checked sound levels, and started shooting… I shot one take for the character on the left and three quick takes for the character on the right and that was it.
Later I uploaded the footage into Final Cut Pro X, synced up the SmartLav audio takes with Canon 80D and Stereomic audio, and began putting the film together..I think my split screen experiment worked out quite well, so I might have another go sometime..

RØDE Gear Used:

Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote