Mr. Tosh Productions

My RØDE Reel 2019 - Watch Closer

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

'Watch Closer' is a concept short.

We wanted to recreate a GTA2-like bird's-eye view narrative and see what it would look like.

We knew from the beginning that seamlessly moving around four people and three vehicles in one 2.5 minute-shot would be tricky. But once we had the drone shot we liked (the trickiest part), the rest was voice acting and post-production magic.

The whole day was wrapped up in about 6 hours. We got lucky with weather, and the location very accommodating.

We used a Rode NTG3 microphone (mainly) and a ZOOMH6.
The drone was a DJI P4P.
BTS footage on an A7S2.

RØDE Gear Used: