Form and Void Films

Heaven's Backdoor Final Final HD

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We shot this in four hours in a friends sitting room with minimal lighting, minimal rehearsal, and minimal re-takes. We tried to storyboard and plan everything beforehand so we could switch between setups quickly. This involved switching between three basic setups: tripod mounted, handheld, with two of the overhead shots coming from a gimbal(Zhiyun Weebill Lab) mounted on a monopod.

We lit the scenes with one key light in the corner of the room that we knew we would never be facing. The scenes where then filled with a small LED or a reflector.

The short was shot in Vlog-L on the Panasonic GH5 and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The robust codecs of the GH5 allowed for a lot of control in the grade. However the electronic focus rings of the Lumix lenses made some of the focus racks tricky.

RØDE Gear Used: