Joonyoung Kim/TaoTaoTao

헌신의 소리 (The Sound of Commitment)

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Our team believes that the process of shooting should be fun as much as the film itself.
In the pre-production state, we planned to shoot and also record all the sound effects (including film score) in one day, in same location, instead of recording them later in foley session.
To do that, we had to find a object in the location and use it to generate the sound we want. It includes the bed to the wine bottle, bare feet to the toilet.
We used NTG-2 as a recording mic and Rode videomic as reference mic. And result was crisp and clear.
To make the sounds better, as one of the crew members was familiar with the music production, we used compressor, reverb, and EQ to make the sound more interesting. As the sound is very important in our film. As the title itself says.

RØDE Gear Used: