Sofi Nabeel Ahmad

Not Reachable - Kashmir | My RØDE Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Being the the man behind almost everything with only my iPhone 5s (for BTS and some shots), an iPhone 6 borrowed from a friend (for the short film), a broken mini tripod, a Lav Mic, a RODE VideoMicro, two table lamps and a few rubber bands in hand, I had to deal with a lot.
The biggest difficulty was the phone camera, which does not perform well in low light, and the opening theme was to be taken in a back-lit desk. So I had to use two home-use table LED lamps to create light for the phone camera to detect decently, since I had no video lighting. For the same reason, I relied on daylight, shot during cloudy weather to achieve that gloomy look I was looking for.
I had to film and act, so framing shots of myself was tricky. So I filmed frames in such a way that I could get shots desired with the broken tripod, which took a lot of tricks to keep steady on a desired level and frame.
Later, I added in subtle zoom-ins and rotations in post, to give the narrative and the emotions some life. I asked help from a few friends where it was impossible for me to keep my phone in place.
I kept the dialogue minimal and let the shots tell the story. In the only dialogue in the film (phone call), I kept the phone very close to my face so as to achieve some depth of field as well as closeness to the protagonist and his emotions.
I used the Rode for sound effects, ambience

RØDE Gear Used: