DB Cinematics

Smile - My Rode Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

For this short film we were limited to time as we are submitting with only three hours left. So everything had to be fast paced from Shoot till Edit. We mainly used 3 locations for the shoot viz. A Pub, our college washroom and a Dark Alley. It was actually very intimidating to work on a time limit and locations with limitations. In addition to that before the day of shoot rental house was unable to provide Sony a7iii which left us stuck with a Canon 6D and a 50 mm which took the challenge to the next level as all the shots were manually focused on an aperture 1.8 however after seeing the result it all seems worth it. I would like thanks Rode along with all other sponsors for giving us such a platform to showcase our talent. And may next year we come more prepared than ever.

RØDE Gear Used: