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Taste of Eternity - My Rode Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We used a BMPCC 4K as an A cam & a GH5 as a B cam. The film was shot on two very tight nights, with a crazily awesome crew!

Written and Directed by Dylan Crupi & Yoann Roig
Assistant Director: Paul Lëon
Director of Photography: Gaïth Zehri
Assistant Camera: Elise Gyger
Electro: Jeremy Unger
Sound: Eleonore Bürki
Costumes: Joana Tran & Tessa Gremaux
Makeup & FX: Jeremy Guedat
Making of: Alexandre Brûlé
Régie: Joshua Hotz
Composition: Adriel Rüfenacht
Editing & Sound Design: Yoann Roig
Color grading: Gaïth Zehri
VFX: Paul Lëon

Dylan Crupi
Tanguy Guinchard
Souraya Zehri
Felipe Brandao
Anthony Guinchard
Anthony Pasche
Chloé Imesch
Joane Latty
Guillaume Ceppi

RØDE Gear Used: