Filip Skalski

Mr. Forester | My RØDE Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

It’s the first time I participate in the contest like this and the second time I record a video with more participants then only me alone. You asked about equipment and I’m a teenager from Poland which makes it a bit more harder to get a proper equipment. I don’t own a proper camera and gimbal so I used drone DJI Mavic Air to record more stable shots. Some of the videos where recorded with a phone camera (iPhone 6S, SAMSUNG GALAXY A7 2018 phone). I also used 2 RODE mics that I bought recently: VideoMicro and SmartLav+. The sound of the birds I recorded standing in the forest with my hands high in the air.

Regarding the location - I know it well. It’s a limestone rocks nearby my home town. I crashed my drone couple of months before on those trees you can see in the first scene (luckily my father’s sister helped me to get it out from 27m tree with a help of bow and arrow and a climbing rope ;)).

RØDE Gear Used: