Michael Bachinger und Lukas Steinhuber

FEARING SLEEP | A Horror Short Film (MyRodeReel 2019)

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Gear List:

Cameras: Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Panasonic GH5

Lenses: Laowa 7,5 F.2, Sigma 16mm F. 1,4 Art, 12-60 F. 3,5-5,6 Kit, Tokina 35-70, Pentax 50mm F. 1,4, Yongnuo 50mm F. 1,8

Lights: Came-TV 55w Daylight/Tungsten Fresnel, Neewer CN-160, generic Amazon Softboxes, Household Lightbulbs

Audio: Zoom H1, Rode NTG 2, Rode SC1, Saramonic Smartrig,

Neewer NW759 Monitor, Walimex Lightstands, Neewer Lightstands (don´t buy those), Viltrox Tripod VX-18M, 2x Amazon Basic Tripod, 2x Samsung T5, San Disk Sd-Cards

Location: Katharina`s Flat in which we shot for 4 days because of some problems with framerates. (we had to redo almost the whole short)

example technique:

We used in the coffee-scene in the kitchen, 3 CN-160s which we taped to the bottom of a cupboard (right of Laura), those blasted on 100% into paper towels which we used as a bounce source.

RØDE Gear Used: