Evan Morton

"Two of You" - My RODE Reel Short Film Competition

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We only had 1 person helping us on crew, and their was an issue recording sound with it... but we used the RODE NTG 4+ boom with a Zoom H4n recorder.

We used Litepanels Sola 6+, Litepanels Caliber, and a Litepanels Astera 6x. We also used a ultra bounce for some fill. We used duvatene on the windows and a flag for the doctor's shots for some neg fill. We also had the practical lights on dimmers.

We shot on a RED Dragon with Cookes.

1 person wrote, shot, directed, and edited this within 2 days. 1 person came to PA and we had a cast of 3 people.

RØDE Gear Used: