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Aries6 MyRodeReel2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

This whole film was shot on a Panasonic gh4 with a lavileir and Rode Ntg2 microphone. We put the lav inside the helmet to get crystal clear audio that we could edit later to sound the way it needed to. The Rode microphone was used to record environmental sounds to make the scene sound real.

The suit was made by hand by sewing pieces of fabric and foam to a Tyvek suit and using leather welding gloves The helmet was also made by hand with a ski helmet, puzzle piece foam and automotive body filler to make the shape. It was then covered with rocker gaurd ment for vehicles which helped with the final look of the helmet and gave it more rigidity. We wanted to use lights inside the helmet to light the actors face to make the shots more interesting and tie the light closely with the character, as well as rigging a mic inside the helmet so we didnt have to worry about muddled audio.

The flood video is personal footage from the 2013 flood in southern Alberta, Canada. For Jason Herzog, we went to the Millarville River Ford to "report" on the flooding. The "exo-planet" was shot on a mountain near Mclean Creek.

We used a multitude of VFX packs for Adobe After Effects including Red Giant and the Triune fire assets for the launch scene as well as after Tom Elberg crashes on the new planet.

RØDE Gear Used: