Assembling the DS2

The DS2 requires some minor assembly when you first take it out of the box. Start by making sure you have all the pieces with you – baseplate, arm, thread adaptor, hex key, two washers and two screws.

  1. Hold the baseplate upside down, with the gold dot facing the floor.

  2. Hold the arm beneath the baseplate with its mounting holes facing up.

  3. Raise the arm to the baseplate, lining it up with the screw holes and guide slot.

  4. Secure it in place using the two washers, two screws and included hex key.

DS2 line drawing

Mounting Your Microphone or Other Device on the DS2

The DS2 is designed to mount microphones or other devices (up to 950g) via its screw thread. Some devices will have a screw thread directly on the device itself while others will feature one on their shock mount, arm or similar rig.

Thread Adaptor

With the included thread adaptor, the DS2 can mount devices with both 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch threads. By default, the DS2’s thread supports 3/8-inch threads, but if you want to mount a device with a 1/4-inch thread, simply screw on the adaptor.

Note: If you wish to secure your device in a particular orientation, you can use the black disc on the DS2’s mounting thread. Rotate it counterclockwise to push the disc up against your device when it’s oriented and positioned how you intend to use it.

DS2 mounting thread