Mounting Your RØDECaster or Similar Device

Use the four included M4 mounting screws and the included hex key to secure the base plate of the VESA Mount to your device. The VESA Mount is compatible with devices weighing up to 2.5kg that use either 100 x 100mm spacings (such as the RØDECaster Pro II* and RØDECaster Duo) or 75 x 75mm spacings. You can then attach the VESA Mount to any standard microphone stand or studio arm that features a 3/8-inch thread.

* The original RØDECaster Pro does not feature VESA Mounting holes.

Adjusting the VESA Mount’s Position

Once your device is mounted, you can adjust its orientation using the 360-degree locking ball head. Turn the cam counterclockwise to loosen the ball head, position the VESA Mount in its intended orientation and then turn the cam clockwise until firmly secure.

The cam’s handle features a ratchet mechanism that can aid in tightening or loosening – simply pull the handle away from the VESA Mount and rotate it to a more advantageous position.

VESA Mount cam handle