Incredible Sound with Ease

You don’t need to be an audio expert to get incredible sound. The VideoMic GO II does all the hard work for you. Featuring the same annular line tube technology as our VideoMic NTG and NTG5 microphones, it delivers rich, full-bodied audio that is perfect for a wide range of recording applications. It is a highly directional microphone, meaning it focuses on what you have it pointed at while reducing background noise, giving you crystal-clear, professional sound with ease.

The VideoMic GO II also comes with a ​high-quality windshield for capturing clean recordings outdoors​ and reducing plosives, plus a professional shockmount for superior absorption of handling noise.


VideoMic GO II 的重量仅为 89 克,小巧轻便,足以随身携带。非常适合与小型相机或移动录音设备搭配使用,也可以在桌面上用作 USB 话筒,随时随地录制高质量的音频。


VideoMic GO II front facing with large shadow behind it


VideoMic GO II 没有复杂的控制或开关,也无需使用电池进行操作,几秒钟内即可开始录音。它能与相机、电脑、智能手机和平板电脑无缝连接,即时提供专业音质,毫不费力——只需拿起来,即插即用。

Girl at home at desk with laptop and VideoMic GO II plugged in

One Mic For All Your Devices

The VideoMic GO II is designed to suit the diverse needs of today’s content creators, offering universal compatibility with all your devices*.

Use it with your camera in the field. Use it with your smartphone or tablet for crystal-clear recording on the go. Use it as a desktop USB mic for podcasting, gaming and livestreaming, or video calls. Incredible versatility for maximum creativity.

*Additional cables required for connecting the VideoMic GO II to computers and mobile devices via USB – USB-C devices: SC16, SC17, SC18; iOS (Lightning) devices: SC15, SC19.

a camera, laptop, mobile phone all with videomic go ii

使用 USB 电源的超级充电

将 VideoMic GO II 插入电脑后,它就会变成一个功能齐全的 USB 话筒——非常适合用于播客、视频通话、语音播报和流媒体等所有语音传输。这项突破性的、正在申请专利的技术使 VideoMic GO II 不同于其它任何同类话筒。当在 USB 模式下使用时,3.5 毫米输出可作为耳机输出,既可轻松地进行音频监控,也可播放您的录音。

Girl at home at desk with computer and VideoMic GO II plugged in

利用 RØDE 应用程序发掘出更多创造潜力

VideoMic GO II 与整个 RØDE 应用程序套件兼容,可在任何设备上使用高级功能,同时具有强大的音频处理能力和录音室质量的录制效果。

RØDE App Suite
AI-Micro connected to computer using RØDE Connect

RØDE Connect

Record with up to four microphones on a computer, with intuitive controls and powerful features. Create pro-quality podcasts or livestreams. Access studio-quality processing at the click of a button.

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AI-Micro connected to iPhone using RØDE Reporter

RØDE Reporter

Configure device settings, including adjusting the input gain, engaging a high-pass filter, high-frequency boost and pad, and record broadcast-quality audio on the go with your mobile device.

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AI-Micro connected to Samsung using RØDE Central

RØDE Central

Unlock advanced features and configure device settings anywhere. Set the input gain, engage a high-pass filter, high-frequency boost and pad, and update firmware for accessing new features.

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